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Playing Catch-Up: One In the Same

What the people need is a way to make them smile,
it ain’t so hard to do if you know how.

the Doobie Brothers

model03 model04 model06

Here are some charcoal drawings from the passed semester.

Our professor really pushed for us to get away from contours and always went on about how little they matter.  He preferred that we drew what we felt about or in the pose, rather than what we saw while looking at it.  A concept the entire class struggled with and never really worked fully through.

The idea is that what you see isn’t the only thing you get from a visual.  If it is, then it is incredibly static and emotionless.  My professor stressed the sensory and often told us to make marks we didn’t necessarily understand, but felt were right- to work intuitively, not just from observation.

Over this semester, I’ve come to the realization that all the different visual mediums (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc) are all the same thing.  All semester my sculpture professor went on about how he saw drawn marks across the forms I constructed.  My drawing instructor told me that I draw like a painter with emphasis on planes rather than contour.  And my painting instructor told me he could tell I prefer sculpting just by the way I paint.  Along all of this, I began applying techniques specific to a medium to the others and found that it impacted and influence how I work in an amazing way.  The best way to diversify your mark is to treat a drawing like a painting, but then decide to treat it like a sculpture as well and let your mind think in terms it wouldn’t come close to in that context otherwise.

I truly love art.  It is so versatile and it keeps articulate when I fail to.  Art is all I can bare to do or think about and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Isn’t it sad to only know/ be good at one thing?
Not to me.  Not when it holds the gravity that art does.


In the End

Well I keep on thinkin’ ’bout’cha,
sister golden hair surprise,
that I just can’t live without’cha-

can’t you see it in my eyes?



It’s been a while!

Every time I get back into posting I insist I’ll be better about it and change, but you know how it goes. .

My semester has come to a close and I have come crawling back again. Sorry..  Really though- this is the time! I’ll be better, I promise!

My earth science professor gave me a small vile of opal stones, knowing I am pretty avid about my rock collection and also a ‘jewelry maker.’  I very loosely use this term because I, as you know, keep it pretty simple.  I really enjoy making wire sculptures, but when it comes to wire-wrapping jewelry, I’m really just interested in wire in a purely utilitarian sense.  I just want to be able to see the stone(s) that I’ve wrapped.

Upon receiving tSOSopalhis amazing gift, I immediately went home and turned it into a necklace.


I’ve also been very about 70s music lately..

I’d say I’m content.


Happy Birthday!

“Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades.
Don’t masquerade with the guy in shade, oh no-
I can’t believe it.”

Corey Hart


Gift for Granma








This one is for my grandmother; her birthday is august 19th.

She is the cutest, nicest lady and her favorite color is teal.  I tried to wrap it in a way that is congruous to her style.  I’m happy with it, however simple it may be.

I felt particularly obligated to give her a gift this year.  Since I’ve moved away for college, she regularly sends me cards with cute little updates of the goings-on of the family in this harshly slanted classic cursive I can hardly read.  I, of course, write her back in my own jagged scrawl.  It’s a very simple, though fantastic back and forth.

Something else- upon missing her birthday last year, I was unable to bake her a cake as I had consistently done the previous years.  A carrot cake from scratch.  I still have a scar on an index finger of mine from grating carrots one year for it.  Quite the intimidating war story, let me tell you.  This year, I made a point to set up going back to Philly to get that cake to her.

And if i haven’t ranted enough: I recently started growing carrots (for no conscious reason).  If that goes well I’ll have to use them for her cake next year.  If only I had planted them a bit earlier..

I’m so excited!

At It Again!

“I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll
I feel my luck could change.
Kill me Sarah; kill me again
with love
It’s gonna be a glorious day.”


Moss Geode?


Wrapped another stone yesterday..

It’s this shallow geode that looks like some mossy plant was crystallized inside of it. It’s so gorgeous; I can’t get over it.  

A work friend saw it today and offered to pay me to wrap a stone for her, so that’ll be a thing tomorrow..  Needless to day, I’m looking forward to it.

If this becomes much more of an interest than it is, I may have to bust out an etsy account.. hmmm

Wire Wrapping!

“‘Cause I’ve got a chance for a sweet, sane life
I said, I’ve got a dance and you’ll do just fine
I’ve got a plan- look forward in my eyes

‘Cause today my heart swings.”



Jade Heart

Though it has been a while I feel it’s a now-or-never sort of situation to get back into posting things.

I have started up on the wrapping of stones into jewelry.  For the absolute longest time I have been enraptured by all things of nature including (if not especially) rocks and stones.  As a child I collected them, though they didn’t really have a relevant place in my life.  My roommate currently does quite a bit of wire jewelry that includes wrapping stones and it has officially rubbed off on me.

She showed me a local shop known as the ‘Gem Den;’ it may as well be a candy store to me.

My jewelry-making mission statement is: to showcase a particular stone through minimal but interesting wire wrapping.

This particular jade stone’s shape reminded me of an anatomical heart (which I have done many drawings and sculptures for previously).

Negativity: Why I Stopped Looking At Anything

“I try and I try and I try to look away,
the fighting inside is the reason that I stay.”


In my freshman year of high school, my sculpture teacher went over how he views negative space. Though it was more of a hobbyist’s class, I had become absolutely enraptured by the idea that for every piece made, there is a second- a potentially more interesting work within the ‘nothingness’. He completely reversed my perspective of, well, everything.

“Hello, hello! Welcome to your first jewelry and sculpture making class,” Mr. Bech bellowed across the room. He isn’t a very imposing man, though he evokes much authority. Average height, narrow shoulders, Bech walks with a certain confidence. Eagerly he swipes a propped up calender from his desk and recites the joke of the day: “Did you hear the one about the one-armed fisherman?” An awkward silence rises into the air. “He caught a fish THIS big!” He beamed as he spread only one arm out for measurement. The class feeds into the cricket’s song. A very select few smirk, I among them, for I’m a sucker for a bad pun. He searches the crowd’s faces for hints of like-minded jokesters. Grinning deeply, he stresses all the wrinkles on his face, all of which being from many years of light-heartedness and jest. There’s not one grouch line to be seen.

“Today, we’re going to talk a bit about negative space. Nothing on sculptures today.” He harshly places a small, nonsensical structure of oak tag on the front desk and goes on. “This is a sculpture made up of a cube, a cone, and a C-shaped prism, but we’re not going to talk about that. What do you see besides all that? What makes up the rest of the piece?”

Many fidgeted uncomfortably in their just as stiff seats and averted their hollow glance from Bech’s direction. Deepening the silence, he spread his gaze across his audience, eyes bright with anticipation. “You couldn’t possibly have missed the lockers behind the sculpture! Or the stools and workbench! Just look at the frame the doorway and wall right around it- it’s really a quite interesting piece..” Train of thought degrading, his closed hand rises to just under his chin as he gazes fondly at the space around the piece. “The first thing to recognize about sculpture is that it doesn’t end where it ends.” His self declared wit got the better of him and he chuckled a bit. “It’s all the space around the piece that makes it; it’s invaluable that you keep that in mind when working on your own projects.”

I always keep that in mind now. Mr. Bech continues to affect the work I make, even if it’s a drawing or painting. Negative space too often goes neglected, so I keep it on the top shelf of importance when setting up any piece.
He never knew the impact his speech had on me and I never spoke to him more than what the assignments needed, but he remains one of the prominent characters of my past. 

Tables, They Turn Sometimes

“Alone we stay and together we fall apart.
I think I’ll be alright.
I’m working so I don’t have to try so hard;
tables, they turn sometimes”

the Strokes

I haven’t posted anything quite a while.. I have been busy, but not to the extent of no down time;  I’ve had plenty of that.  I’ve been sitting around and twiddling my thumbs, thinking of how to get along.  I’ve also been trying to fill out my blank, barren, horrible walls.  They’re such a farce and disappointment;  I can’t stand blank walls.  I prefer clutter, something going on.  Oddly enough, I find clutter comforting and emptiness suffocating.

So I got a huge roll of drawing paper and cut out an impossible figure and did my stupid little design thing that i do on it and put it up on my wall..  It seemed ever emptier.  I suppose now that there’s finally something there magnifies just how much room it has to be lonely.  So, I started straightaway on things to post around it.  i cut out stylized shapes that parallel the design-thing that I have a tendency toward when drawing and drew willy-nilly surrealism in it.  It’s certainly developing into an interesting wall, but it’s still just one of my vacuous walls.  Also, it’s no where near satisfactorily cluttered.  I really don’t know how to approach adding on to it, but it needs to be done if I want to be able to sleep contentedly at night.

IMG_0062 IMG_0041 IMG_0050Needless to say, I had no idea what I was going for or trying to accomplish in the first place..

This wall has a long way to go yet, that’s not to mention the other 2, which are obscenely bare.  I just worry if I don’t get them done before classes start, they’ll forever be barren and that’s no productive environment for me.

Well, I best get back on that.. I’m thinking of incorporating a nature element to it as with roots and other various plants.. Maybe branch off of the wishie in the surreal collage I already have up and put a design into the floaty seeds (I have no idea what else to call them).

soo many options…