Monthly Archives: May 2014

What I Contain

To the perpetually plain, the incurably inane,
A glass can only spill what it contains!”



The other day my sister got a Netflix account and gave me her account information.

I have watched so many cultural and art oriented documentaries in the passed 3 days it’s unbelievable.  I, as a student just finishing my first semester of art school, feel so overwhelmed and inspired, but fail to find somewhere to direct all this emotion.  This leaves me accomplishing nothing and feeling very pent up about it all.  There’s all this ringing between my ears with no articulation or product to prove it.  

There are people everywhere with so much drive and precision.  They are relentless in their craft, in the message they work to get across.  Jiro Ono, a sushi chef of 75 years, Ai Wei Wei, a reactionary, communications artist, refuse to settle, refuse to stop.  They will be always pushing for something more.

I like to think that’s how I feel for my art and life, but what am I going up against and how do I accomplish what I feel I need to?  My mind is so cluttered and stressed. It is progressively more and more restless, though I can’t get my body to do its part.  I’ve always felt mind over matter is the ultimate philosophy, but what good is the mind’s power if your body won’t cooperate to manifest the goal and symbol of your dedication and ferocity of sense?

My hope is to spend my summer well and find proper motivation and meaning to what I want to do with my work.  It’s a bit of a tall order, but there only really needs to be one trigger, doesn’t there?  Then you’re off; then momentum takes you.  

That’s the idea, at any rate.