Hoot n’ Holler

“You make me want to pick up a guitar
and celebrate the myriad ways that I love you.
Can’t you see what you’ve done to my heart

and soul.”




Not the most appropriate quote for this post but I’m listening to Interpol at the moment so it’s okay.

So.  It’s ultra hot out and I was wearing shorts.  Just showin’ off my gams, you know how it is (I usually don’t wear short-shorts, but is was just so dern hot out)..  So, to compensate for exposing basically all of my legs I wore a T-shirt; I feel soo uncomfortable to wear super shorts and a tank top.  Really, I fell like a hussy so I don’t oft do that.  Unless, perhaps, I’m at home.

Anyway.. I decided to wander about the area and see what’s what and about a block away from my apartment some guy drives by and whistles at me.  Some middle-aged guy.. no big deal… It was barely a block from my place

I thought, “So this is how this walk is going to be..” -_-

I was out walking for about an hour and a total of 5 older men whistled or did some such other nonsense.. FIVE.  I wasn’t out for very long. Just why..  I mean, even if they weren’t 20+ years older than me (-_-) do they really think that hootin’ and hollerin’ successfully catches the ladies?  Is it such an enthralling snare that just isn’t to be resisted?  It seems as though that’s how they feel about it.. Really, the only ladies who I’ve seen flattered by these tactics are trashy ones; if you went on a date with a guy who, when he initially saw you, said, “damn girrrl, look at dem legs!” you are trashy and I don’t consider you to even be a lady, and I’m not even sorry for saying it.

This has happened to me with guys my age, but I remain unimpressed.  I would prefer a guy spoke actual accepted sentences to me rather than hollering at me about my gams.  Of course, gams are legs, just putting that out there..

Needless to say, I think I’ll keep with company when I walk around- at the very least in hot weather..


so.. how's it going?

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