Lancaster Lady

“So now you’re on your own
won’t you come back home
to see you’re not that kind
and find the strength to find the strength
to find another way.”

Two Door Cinema Club


It’s official; I am now a resident in Lancaster..

Is anyone else freaking out?

I’m bugging out,

just a bit..

. . .

It’s really quite weird to be living with COMPLETE STRANGERS.  They’re awesome people, don’t get me wrong but they’re still COMPLETE STRANGERS..  Today was pretty fabulous though, if you exclude spending 6 hours putting 3 pieces of furniture together..  Surprisingly, I don’t really have anything to say..

(except for a lot to dots, apparently)

My mother cried. A lot. I didn’t.. I am absolutely terrified due to the fact that I have never had to to anything (important) for my self ever, but also excited and I’ll most probably be broke before even school starts.  That’s what I got a job for, I suppose- which starts on monday.  4 days until I have some income.  Then I’ll at least have something to do..


so.. how's it going?

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