Update-Type Thing (and a Tangent, of Course)

“Well at first there was
there was just no question;
who wouldn’t rather be
their reflection?”



It’s been a while since I wrote anything.. though probably much less time than I think- I should actually check that..

Soooo today, I bought the last of what I need to move out :D I leave in TWO DAYS. Good lord, I am stoked.  Everything is ready (more or less) and at this point I’m just twiddling my thumbs.  There’s nothing for me here (at my parents’ house/ area); I have no job and nothing to do or accomplish.  What I do have is a job waiting for me, and college, and an independent living space waiting for me, as I wait for it..

I bought NINE books the other day!  It was buy 2, get the 3rd free and I admit, I got a bit carried away because I had a 30 dollar gift card leaving me 17 out of pocket to pay.  I love books.  I don’t have time for them though!  Rather- I won’t have time for them.  I also read so many at once none ever get finished, not in a timely manner at least. Last year I was on an informational book kick, up until I read Lord of the Rings (THE MOST AMAZING BOOK, I’ll be perpetually reading it for the rest of my life).  After that, I got back into stories, but I still go for odd things and the oldies-but-goodies type.  I can’t believe my friend convinced me to buy 9 books (technically , I bought 6).  So she didn’t have to twist my arm too hard about it.

In summary: I love books, and I love that I’m moving out.

I can finally refer to it as ‘my parents’ house’ without it being weird.

So this had no premise whatsoever.. I don’t even care.. whenever I say/hear someone say that I imagine some douchey self-confident bitch saying it with a stupid, too-cool-for-school tone.


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