OK Go, Crayons, and Glasses- Oh, My

“You Love everyone
just like a sovereign:
half magnanimous
half unimpressed.”

-OK Go


I might have a problem.

ohh well..

I began making a poster for them using melted wax (I’m only using crayons so it’s not quite legitimate encaustic) because I’m an artsy lady.

That’s a pretty mild way to put it, seeing as I’m an art major..

I killed a lighter just putting down the first color (it took 2 crayons).  It was one of those long-stemmed lighters, not the small, pocket type.  Not to self: I need more heavy-duty of lighters.  What I noticed is different brands of crayons are of different viscosities. Crayola, when melted, becomes very thin and smooth.  It also stains the paper with oil.  I have some cheap nobody-knows-them brand that melts smoothly but not as transparent and then some old Crayola Twistables (yes, that’s right) which are much thicker and leaves strings as what happens when you use a glue gun. . I should get a glue gun..

ANYWAY, it’s a work in progress (WIP) and I’m going to eventually stencil on a few quotes of theirs that I fancy.

About OK Go:  they are fantastic.

They’re music used to be more rock, recently it’s become somewhat trippy and on the verge of ambient.  I, of course, love it all.  I’ve had their song ‘Back from Kathmandu’ stuck in my head for days now and it is just fantastic.  They’re incredibly innovative when it comes to music videos and the whole visual, you can tell, is exceedingly important to them.  They often wear only one color per person and set up all sorts of contraptions and puns.  OK Go is a prime example of my favorite bands:  they’re music is amazing and the sheer greatness of their videos elevates them so much so it’s indescribable.


I was at the eye doctor yesterday and I ordered new glasses! They’re the ‘quirky, artistic’ type.  I later saw  a photo of OK Go and one of their singers, Damian Kulash (my favorite), HAS THE SAME PAIR. I was so giddy.  I’m not one to get star stuck, but he is the exception to that XD


so.. how's it going?

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