Selfies with a Cat

“Everybody needs to sleep at night, everybody needs a crutch
but couldn’t good be good enough?
’cause nothing ever doesn’t change, but nothin’ changes much.”



Ironically, in the music video that the quote above originates, dogs are involved.

My OLDER sister is trying to get my cat to partake in a selfie with her. Needless to say, Betty is not all too compliant.  She keeps trying to pick her up (and she is large) with one hand and take the picture with her phone in the other.  I’m just watching this folly and Betty just looks so annoyed and off-put by my sister’s advances..

She got all squirmy and left to sprawl out on the floor, but my sister just went and laid down, using her as a pillow.  Betty’s face was that of looking at someone who can’t catch a hint.  Just a ‘really?’ sort of glare.

All of the pictures, Betty looks so unwilling and perturbed- it’s pretty great.

.. I would have included evidence of all this nonsense, but I couldn’t get it off my sister..


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