Sad Songs and Waltzes

“I’d like to get even with you ’cause you’re leaving, but sad songs and waltzes aren’t selling this year.”



I’m moving!

In 12 days, I will be wholly independent.

It has yet to sink in,but oh well!

I am beyond ecstatic to be leaving my nuclear family and live with complete strangers.  That has somehow managed to not be a concern to me. The only thing I am truly nervous of is grocery shopping.. Not whether I’ll have the funds to, but the very act of grocery shopping.  I’m such a laid-back lady- I genuinely don’t care which way decisions go so I leave it up to those around me.  This has left me to be a very non-committal and indecisive person.  Once on my own, I’ll be forced to choose- choose things that are generally not a huge deal but decisions nonetheless.  Am I actually going to cook? Or do I just want something quick?  How much money should i put towards x amount of food?  How much food should I get for x amount of time? Did I get anything of actually nutritional value? What am I even making??

so many questions that need to be answered by me alone..

so many loose ends to be gathered.

oh well.


so.. how's it going?

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