S O S (tangent within a rant)

“I can hear the car
as it rumbles up the driveway
but I’m too scared to look
so I curl up beneath the window
and I pray they won’t find me
and I pray that I’ll keep still

I think we’re haunted.”

-Radical Face


So, it’s my first legitimate blog and I have no reason to have started one- just more of an urge to write, to just let my thoughts become linear and be a bit more comprehensive.

I need to find a current of thought

something with a direction

a destination, perhaps?

I’m already over-thinking it.

I have so much to get straight.  Writing is the perfect solution.  The ultimate way to get all my metaphorical ducks in a row and be able to properly review them.

and it shall be so!

..yup- nothing like being that person- he who unloads all troubles and concerns.  I don’t know what i’ll rant about actively on this site, but I can assure you this is my journal.

Maybe I can finally collect myself.

Due to the assumed fact that I’ll be the only person to care for this page, I’ll label it like this:

I’ll rant on piecing things together to myself, quoting entirely too many songs, thinking over entirely too much, all for the sake of clearing out some attic space

time to ease a troubled mind


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